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What Are The Characteristics Of Sofa Customization?

Aug 25, 2019

First, it is ergonomic and has a large degree of conformity to the human body.

This kind of Internet cafe sofa combines with the human physiological structure to study the human body to sit down and the back surface and the back ridge are not compressed, natural and comfortable. The back of the Internet cafe must be equipped with a lumbar vertebrae cushion for human body mechanics. When the person sits down, the natural curve of the lumbar vertebrae is naturally maintained, and a better comfortable and healthy posture is obtained.

Second, the height is moderate and there must be appropriate support.

Generally, the height of the sofa in the Internet cafe is 105cm, the height of the seat is 45cm from the ground, and the depth is 50cm. This height is designed based on the principle of ergonomics. Generally, people of normal body type will be suitable for this height.

Third, be comfortable and sit down.

In addition to maintaining a good body curve, the Internet cafe sofa is also comfortable, and it is very important to have a comfortable sofa cushion. The cushion of the Internet cafe sofa is usually made of wood and sponge, and is covered with some leather products. The cushions are all integrated, so the advantage is to maintain the elasticity of the sofa surface, making it difficult to deform. Internet cafes are a lot of personal and miscellaneous places. Internet cafes and chairs will wear more. In the past, some informal Internet cafes would buy some Internet cafe chairs. The fixed hard seat, the people who sit up are uncomfortable, will be hard to flip, afterwards In comparison, you will find that the casual Internet cafes are badly broken. Nowadays, the production of Internet cafes pays great attention to the sponge and leather products on the sofa surface. Some top-level Internet cafes even use leather to make the chair surface (costly). The advantage is that the weight tolerance is large, and even if you sit on it for a long time, you will not feel excessive fatigue. Of course, it is not necessary to have leather. It is better to combine the actual situation of Internet cafes. In recent years, Taiwan’s Trent Net and Sipi, which are imported from Taiwan and specialize in making Internet cafes, have gradually replaced traditional leather products into popular Internet cafes. The sought-after object, its great advantage is that it is breathable and durable, the leather may be worse than the xipi at this point.