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Tips For The Maintenance Of Restaurant Tables And Chairs

Aug 15, 2019

1. If a glass table top is placed on the surface of the table, a layer of non-slip mat should be placed between the glass and the table to prevent the glass table from slipping.

2, the restaurant tables and chairs made of solid wood in addition to daily cleaning also need to use essential oil maintenance, generally 1 to 2 times a year for the basic frequency, not too frequent, can not be maintained. It can guarantee that the restaurant tables and chairs are not cracked and the gloss is as new.

3. When the guests finish eating, they need to pack the tables and chairs immediately. One convenience is to meet the next group of guests. On the other hand, it is to avoid the long-term infiltration of stains on the tabletop, so that the stains can seep into the table and cause irreparable damage.

4. After the restaurant is snoring every night, the restaurant tables and chairs need to be wiped dry with a clean rag immediately after cleaning, and prepare for ventilation. This can avoid the mildew of the restaurant tables and chairs, and also put moisture into the restaurant tables and chairs, causing the table and chairs to be deformed. And rotten.

5. If you notice mildew on the table and chairs of the restaurant, use an electric iron to burn in the location of mildew for 2~3 minutes until the mildew is small, then move the restaurant tables and chairs to the airy place for one night.

6, no matter what kind of material desktop, even if it is a beautiful board desktop, do not use steel brush or dishwashing brush and other hard objects to clean the table, to avoid damage to the desktop finish, leaving a staggered horizontal and vertical.

7. After wiping with a wet towel in the daily cleaning of the restaurant tables and chairs, dry it with a dry towel. If you have oil stains, you can use a towel to wipe the beer, or use a 1:20 dilution of neutral soap water to wipe, then wash with water, and then dry with a clean towel.

8, usually for the guests to eat, remember to put a layer of insulation pad or napkin pad on the table to play a role in heat insulation and anti-fouling.

9, the key to the maintenance of restaurant tables and chairs is to keep the tables and chairs dry, when the restaurant tables and chairs are stained with water stains, immediately dry.