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Tips For Choosing A Sofa

Aug 20, 2019

First, look at the style

The decoration style of each family will be different. The rustic style can consider the pattern of the sofa, the modern minimalist style can choose the plain fabric sofa, the European style can be matched with the classical pattern of the fabric sofa. In general, American-style, European-style fabric sofas often use floral or plaid fabrics, full of natural, warm home atmosphere.

Second, look at the space

As the main furniture of the living room, the sofa needs to consider the color of the walls, doors and windows, the ground and other places in addition to the overall decoration style to create a more harmonious and natural living room. If the living room is very spacious and bright, and the lighting is good, then the fabrics with bright colors such as large flowers, red, green, and squares will be very suitable. If the wall of the living room has more decorations or is not white, the color of the fabric sofa is not recommended to be too bright, so as to avoid the space is too complicated, you can consider the fabric sofa of plain fabric, which will make the space look more elegant.

Third, look at the skeleton

Whether the skeleton of the sofa is strong or not is directly related to the service life of the sofa. When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully check whether the skeleton material of the sofa is solid wood, and whether the pressure is qualified.

Fourth, the filler

Adults sit on the sofa, check whether the elasticity of the sofa padding is enough, let the body sit freely on the sofa, and the body is bounced at least twice by the sofa cushion, indicating that the sofa is filled with enough elasticity.

Five, sofa cover

Cloth sofa is easy to dirty. If the sofa cover can't be removed, there is no way to clean it. Try to let the salesman do the demonstration and learn how to remove the sofa cover.

Six, look at the feel

The fabric of the sofa should be comfortable and not irritating to the skin. When you purchase, you can touch the fabric on the sofa surface and sit up and try it.