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The Difference Between A Leather Sofa And A Fabric Sofa

Sep 05, 2019

1, the price

First of all, from the price that everyone will buy furniture, the leather sofa is much more expensive than the fabric sofa. The main reason is that the leather sofa has less material and complicated craftsmanship, so the price is naturally high, and the fabric sofa is made. The material process is simpler and the price is much cheaper. When you choose a leather sofa, you also remember to choose the products produced by the regular leather sofa manufacturers, so that you will not spend money.

2, maintenance

Let's talk about the maintenance of the sofa, the maintenance of the leather sofa is more troublesome, you should pay attention to the moisture or it will leave a stain, in addition, you must pay attention to the oil to maintain the luster of the leather, but also be careful not to be scratched by the sharp. The fabric sofa does not need such trouble. Generally speaking, as long as you pay attention not to get wet, there is a lot of water to enter the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient. Most of them are directly removed from the sofa cover and cleaned. The maintenance and cleaning is much simpler and more convenient than the leather sofa.


3, style

In the style of the sofa, the leather sofa is elegant, elegant and generous. It is generally placed in a relatively spacious living room. It looks luxurious and solemn, and has a good grade. However, the fabrics and styles of the sofa are relatively simple, and there is no diversity of fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are generally suitable for young people's tastes, light and soft, versatile and novel, sofa fabrics are also more styles, very individual, if the fabric sofa of silk, silk and other fabrics will appear more luxurious and elegant. The fabric sofa can not only be suitable for high-end luxury decoration, but also suitable for small fresh and sweet home decoration, when the leather sofa can not be compared.

4, the process

From the production process, fabric sofas are generally mechanized production, the process is relatively simple, and leather sofas have to go through a lot of process procedures, more complicated and complicated, and often handmade, from the quality of the fabric sofa is far better than the leather sofa of.

5, life

Leather sofas are expensive and troublesome to maintain, but everyone knows that their service life is very long. Good leather sofas can be used for decades, as long as they are well maintained, and fabric sofas generally last for several years, perhaps The filling has collapsed, or the style is not popular, it will be replaced soon, and the long life of the leather sofa is unquestionable.