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How To Remove Small Scars From Furniture

Aug 30, 2019

Furniture maintenance instructions: how to remove small "scars" from furniture

(1) Scratch If the furniture is accidentally scratched, but the wood under the paint film is not touched, a small amount of molten wax liquid can be applied to the paint film to cover the scratches. After the wax has hardened, apply another layer. Repeat this several times and the scratches will not be noticeable.

(2) Burning marks If the furniture paint film is burned by cigarette butts or unextinguished matches, leaving the scorch marks, and the wood under the unburned paint film, use a small piece of fine-grained hard cloth, wrap a chopstick head, and wipe it quietly. Wipe the burn marks, then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the scorch marks.

(3) Place the hot water on the surface of the hot-stained wood furniture, leaving a white round plaque on the wooden furniture. Generally, it will be removed only by wiping it in time. However, if the hot marks are too deep, you should use a regular iodine to smudge it on top, or apply some petrolatum on the hot marks. After two days, scrub with a soft cloth to remove the hot marks. You can also use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, perfume or kerosene, scrub with force, white hot marks will also be removed, remove the hot marks, wipe with a soft cloth, wipe with water, and then apply a layer of light wax.

Most branded sofas are treated with moisture when handling wood. Professionals said that many furniture use solid wood in the force part, and other parts use high-density board, in order to prevent seasonal thermal expansion and contraction. Even if the humidity in the summer rises relatively, the wood will only swell slightly, and these natural changes will not affect the durability of quality furniture.

Summary: The fact that the home has scars not only affects the beauty, but also is not conducive to the life of the furniture, so these tips should be learned.