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How To Identify Different Types Of Leather Sofas?

Aug 25, 2019

The leather sofa presents an atmospheric style that shows the strength of the host, and the details are never sloppy. This is the embodiment of true high quality. A high-end leather modern minimalist sofa is placed at home, not only to enhance the taste of the home, but also very important to make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Features: The leather is soft, elastic, tough, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent, etc. It is an easy-to-maintain furniture material. Leather sofas are most common with sofas and chairs, and they are more versatile.


Applicable: Most households apply, but because leather is most afraid of sharp objects, if there are naughty children in the house, it should be carefully considered. In addition, keeping cats and dogs as friends of pets, also pay attention to the claws of small animals, so as not to catch the surface of the leather.

1 leather: pig skin, horse skin, suede, cowhide can be made into sofa fabric, collectively called leather sofa. The cowhide leather is soft, thick and of the highest grade. Horse skin and mink skin are similar, but the surface cortex is slack, and it is easy to peel off and not durable. Pig skin is thin, but the pores are rough.

2 wooden frame: a set of good modern minimalist sofa, the wooden frame must be nailed into a frame with square wood, and the side is fixed with a plate. This structure can ensure that the sofa is not deformed. The inferior sofa is directly nailed with pine plywood, no Square wood frame, low degree of firmness.

3 Sponge: The sponge is divided into three types: high-elastic and high-elastic super soft and medium-splitting sponge. The medium-splitting sponge is generally used as a part of the backrest and the armrest, and the high-elastic and high-elastic super-soft sponge is used as a seat part. At present, the high-end modern minimalist sofas are made of yellow cattle leather with a high-elastic sponge. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use bullets to pretend to be high-elastic, and even use a smashed sponge. Such sofas can only lose flexibility when used for up to six months. When buying leather sofas, you must shop around to ensure the quality of the products.