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How To Customize The Sofa According To The Style Of The Restaurant

Aug 10, 2019

Leather sofa:

In fact, it is a general term, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, can be used as a sofa material. The leather has natural pores and skin texture, and it is full, soft and elastic. The leather on the market can be roughly divided into four types: full green skin, semi-green skin, embossed skin and cracked skin.

Fabric sofa:

Cloth sofa mainly refers to the sofa whose main material is cloth. After artistic processing, it achieves certain artistic effects and meets people's life needs. Generally, the color is gorgeous, and the sofa cover can be replaced according to the preference or the change of season, and it is easy to remove and wash, the price Cheap.


Sofa style:

No matter which kind of material is used, the sofa must be made of high-quality fabrics and filling materials to have a comfortable sitting feel and a sense of head and waist. The sofas are different in style and style, and can be divided into American sofas, Japanese sofas, Chinese sofas, European sofas, etc., and sofas can be selected according to the decoration style of the restaurant.


Having said so many sofas, have you already got a good idea of what kind of sofa you have chosen? Of course, the most important thing to choose a sofa is to meet your own requirements. There is no best sofa, only the sofa that suits you best.