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How To Choose The Material Of The Restaurant Table And Chair

Aug 15, 2019

1. The table top of the fast food restaurant tables and chairs is divided into fireproof board surface, melamine board surface, glass steel plate surface, tempered glass board surface, marble board surface, etc.

The material of the fireproof board surface has been lost in the middle-class fast food restaurants. The fast dining table and chair on the fireproof board has great color selection, strong fire resistance and low temperature resistance, as well as the volatility of color and the initial wear resistance of the appearance, which is deeply loved by the sales staff of the restaurant;

In the material of the fast dining table, the surface of melamine has the lowest quality, and the appearance is easy to fade, break and corrode. However, because of its low cost and convenient consumption, low-end commodity consumers often use melamine board as the original data. In addition, the melamine board is used as a fireproof board. Careful identification is also required at the time of purchase;

The tempered glass steel tabletop is gradually dying. This kind of tabletop is easy to clean and the bottom can be sprayed. It is liked by some local high-end restaurants. When choosing, pay attention to the manufacture of the glass edge, as smooth as possible, without sharp corners.

2. In the fast food restaurant, the dining chair selected for the rare fast dining table and chair is a curved wooden chair, a fiberglass chair and a steel wood chair.

The curved wood chair is durable, the shape is changeable, and it is simple and airy. It has become the first choice for fast food restaurants. FRP chairs are currently only used in school canteens and public places, and are not recommended for fast food restaurants. The steel wood chair has a low material and should be selected when selecting.

3. The structure of fast food tables and chairs is roughly divided into two types: connected structure and split structure.

The conjoined structure is easy to place, but it is not easy to move, and the comfort is too much. The fast-food restaurant tables and chairs with slightly higher levels no longer use the conjoined structure. The split architecture is confusing, and the customer has to re-regulate after the move, adding the task of the service staff, but the split architecture is easy to move and recombine, and the Shu is too high, which is also the first choice for fast food restaurants;

When choosing the architecture material, pay more attention to the design sensibility of the architecture and its stability. If it is a steel frame structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the wall thickness of the steel frame;

The overall structure of the KFC fast dining table and chair is still steel frame structure, the structure is complex and bright, and durable, in line with the speed and environment requirements of fast food restaurants, which makes fast restaurant tables and chairs become the first choice for fast food restaurant tables and chairs.