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How Can We Customize A Good Restaurant Furniture?

Aug 10, 2019

1 Look at the furniture skin layer is natural and smooth, generally can not be clearly seen visually, you can often touch the desktop directly by hand, there will be a layer of handprint generated by hand heat, and smooth and bright.

2 Look at the color of the furniture, whether there is a different color, the saturation of the color is often inconsistent, it is also unselectable furniture. For example, if the table legs are all there are paints or there are traces of moisture flooding, if it means that this is inventory, it is reasonable not to choose to buy such furniture.

3 Check whether the furniture is refurbished. For example, when looking at the color of the furniture, it is often possible to detect different furniture colors from different angles. It is also possible to detect the location of the screws and whether there are rusty snails. Mouth, that can further say that the people are refurbished furniture.

4 look at the texture of the furniture wood; when inspecting the delicate furniture, often the wood grain of the solid wood furniture is consistent, or through the different textures produced, not the natural texture, can be seen under its serious contrast.

5 Detect drawers, handles, hinges, face sheets, wrap angles, etc., disassemble and install, see if there are rusty holes in the installation position, if any, it means that the old furniture is modified. of.

Restaurant furniture customization, in the process of its production, often able to deal with the details in a timely manner, often done very well in the work, but here, we say it is not good, or depends on the majority of users Row