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Cloth Sofa Woodworking Craft

Aug 30, 2019

One. The frame is divided into raw materials, mainly composed of solid wood and fiberboard:

a. The solid wood is made of high quality, fresh northeast dried white birch, which is fumigated. Baking. The moisture content of the fabric sofa after the rebound is controlled within 12%, which is not easy to be deformed, rotted and wormed. The characteristics of white birch are hard material. The nail holding power is strong, and the rigidity of the wooden frame is far better than the wooden frame made of pine wood. The cost is high, and it is the most ideal wood for making a wooden frame. The main bearing parts of the wooden frame are all made of white birch.

b. Fiberboard: It adopts domestic high-quality fiberboard, and its quality conforms to national industry standards. The pictures of fabric sofas have passed the test of relevant national testing institutions in terms of impact resistance, waterproof and environmental protection, and play an auxiliary role in the wooden frame.


Second, the process structure

a. The solid wood is treated with four sides of light before assembly, and each frame is a craft.

b. In order to complete the construction and to reinforce the frame, each joint of the frame is positioned using a fully and precisely cut wooden tripod and secured with glue and screws in the most stressed part.

c. Adopt Taiwan high quality straight nail gun to ensure the firmness of each interface.