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What if the furniture smells bad?

Aug 30, 2019

What should I do with odor? In our lives, many people find that furniture has an odor. So what should we do at this time? This article will give you an introduction to the response to furniture odor, so that you have a reference in life, let's take a look at it.


Newly purchased furniture, the harmful substances emitted are generally free of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc., in order to remove these odors for good health, here are some tips for new furniture deodorization.


One of the tricks, to maintain indoor ventilation and taste, improve the indoor odor density. This method is to make full use of the fresh air to replace the air in the room, so that the circulating wind naturally takes away the different taste of furniture.


Tuen Mun 2, using the commercially available activated carbon in the room to remove the smell of furniture, the effect is very good. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on substances such as benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, acetaldehyde, kerosene, styrene, vinyl chloride, etc., and can effectively remove indoor harmful gases.


The third method, the method of plant absorption of odor. Some potted plants such as cactus, spider plant, aloe vera, ivy, iron tree, chrysanthemum, etc. can be placed at home, which can not only reduce toxic gases, but also beautify and decorate the environment.


The fourth step is to collect some small remedies in real life, but it is very effective. Old people like to place onion slices indoors, and the ventilated rooms can remove harmful gases from the air after 4 or 5 days. In addition, use tea to absorb odor, or use vinegar fumigation to slowly eliminate odor.