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What are the types of leather sofas?

Aug 20, 2019

The first is the original green leather sofa. Generally, the width is large, the toughness is high, the stretchability is strong, the texture is good, and the scar is less. Strict requirements are required in the processing process. The main features are that there is no ash filling, no dyeing, and less grinding. Since there are not many scars, it is rare to be able to achieve the required leather. The fertile natural pastures under the Alps, the cowhide here is nourished by the warm and humid sea breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. It is soft and oily, and has excellent quality. After processing, Italian cowhide is produced. The original green skin is excellent in appearance quality, strong in comfort, style and design, and the price is more expensive. It is suitable for villas and urban large-sized houses.

The second is a full green leather sofa. The surface of the whole green leather is slightly polished to smooth the wounds, leaving only traces of light, but does not affect the quality of the leather. The pores are fine, the hand feels fine and shiny, the gloss is strong, the texture is soft and comfortable, and breathable. it is good. According to different processing, it is made into different types of leather: such as all-green matte leather, all-green oil skin, all-green rubbing leather and saddle leather. All green skins are generally produced in European alpine pastoral areas, so the price is high, such as Forlantis, around, Milo and so on. The quality of the all-green leather sofa is excellent in terms of style design, ingredients and inner frame, and the price is high.

The third is the embossed leather sofa. It is a semi-green skin. After deep grinding, it repairs the scars and sprays the multi-layer pigments, and then presses the even and fine grain lines to cover the scars and pores. The surface of the skin has no pores, less scars, uniform coloration, and uniform thickness. The texture is slightly hard and easy to clean. It is currently the material of choice in the sofa industry. Basically, it has the texture and touch of the skin. Due to the large amount of manual processing, there is not much ambiguity in appearance and the price is moderate.

The fourth is a crack leather sofa. It is also a semi-green skin. The surface of this kind of leather is flawless, the use rate is very high, the texture is stiff, the air permeability is poor, the hand touches the surface of the leather, there is a very waxy texture, the coating is very thick, and the ordinary sofa is made of such materials. . The texture and touch are harder. Because there are more manual treatments, there is not much sputum on the appearance, but the artificial traces are more obvious in appearance, slightly less natural and moderately priced.