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the style and price of the sofa

Dec 09, 2019

Third, the style and price of the sofa

Modern style

This style of sofa is most popular with the public and can be flexible. In the same space, different placements will have different moods, allowing you to relax yourself in an all-round way, and enjoy the beauty of life. The sofa in the picture below is made of breathable cotton and linen. It is equipped with multi-functional armrests, which can sit or lie down. It is comfortable and skin-friendly. Its price is about 2238 yuan.

modern sofa

2. Minimalist style

This sofa is made of a 100% solid wood frame, which has super load-bearing performance and is not easy to corrode and wear, so it improves the layout of the sofa; the cushion is designed with high-quality flannel, and it feels very good The price of a sofa is about 4,000 yuan.

Minimalist style sofa

3.European style

The last European-style minimalist sofa has a frame made of European birch, which has a thick texture and is solid and durable; coupled with the hand-carved carving process, the sofa is both high-end and atmospheric. The sofa fabric is selected from the finest worsted fabrics, which is very comfortable to touch, and its price is about 12,000 yuan.

European style sofa

4. American style

Elegant and luxurious American sofas are gorgeous representatives. They are all luxurious in style. They are carved by hand, closed paint, and delicately curved lines. The pursuit of elegant American sofas is the best living room furniture for villas, so gorgeous. The sturdy sofa is not cheap when it comes to price. The price of this sofa is about 15800.

American style sofa

5.Chinese style

The Chinese-style sofa with a bare frame is more powerful and the price is higher. The price of this storage sofa is 7190 yuan. It is made of pure solid wood, thick backrest, wide armrests, full solid wood frame, and diverse. Cushion, removable and washable design, side storage, embodies the humanized convenient mode, Chinese solid wood sofa is also higher in price than other style sofas, and its price is around 7190.