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The difference between cloth sofa and leather sofa

Aug 20, 2019

One: specific style

Compared with the elegant and generous leather sofa, the fabric sofa is lighter and softer, and the style is also relatively new, which is very suitable for young people's taste. There are many kinds of fabric sofa fabrics, and the sofas of silk and satin fabrics are elegant and luxurious, giving a feeling of grandeur; the sofa made of coarse linen and corduroy is heavy and heavy. From the pattern, you can choose the grid, geometric pattern, large flower pattern and monochrome fabric to make the sofa. The fabric of the grid pattern looks neat and refreshing, and is very suitable in the simple and bright design of the room; the geometric and abstract pattern sofa gives a modern, avant-garde feeling, suitable for modernist families; large flower pattern sofa jumping It is vivid and can bring vitality and vitality to the dull, old-fashioned family; the monochromatic fabric is very popular, and the large single color gives a calm and fresh atmosphere.

Whether it is from the shape or the fabric, the leather sofa looks luxurious, solemn and solemn, especially the spacious living room. Putting on such a sofa will improve the grade of the whole room, and the choice of fabric color will be less than that of the fabric sofa.

Two: than the price

Shandong fabric sofa manufacturers believe that everyone knows that leather sofas are more expensive, fabric sofas are cheaper, if you look at the price, personally think that the fabric sofa is slightly better.

Three: craft

The leather sofa is divided into a full leather sofa and a half leather sofa. Each set of leather sofas consumes the equivalent of 10 cows of cows. It has high value, good ventilation and environmental performance. It is widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America. Shandong fabric sofa manufacturers found that the semi-leather sofa replaced the cowhide with PU leather or artificial leather PVC on the back, bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa, but the direct contact part of the human body is still a higher value cowhide, which reduces the cost of the sofa and is more economical. . The leather for the sofa is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather, which are divided into the top layer skin, the second layer skin and the three layer skin according to the number of layers; the skin is divided into domestic skin and imported skin according to the origin.

In general, the processing technology of the leather sofa is very cumbersome and complicated, and it takes a lot of processes, and the quality is naturally very good. Compared to the next fabric sofa process is relatively simple.

Four: maintenance convenience

Shandong fabric sofa manufacturers feel that the fabric sofa is very warm, and it is easier to clean and remove it and send it to the dry cleaner for cleaning. If it is a big brand, when you install the sofa cover, call his manufacturer's after-sales service phone, and you will be able to install a sofa cover for you. It is very convenient; you can match it with a set of the same style of sofa cover, different colors, two The set is used for two sets of sofas.