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Pay attention to when customizing restaurant furniture

Aug 15, 2019

First of all, the restaurant furniture customization should be determined. What you need to customize is the restaurant furniture, the overall style of the restaurant furniture you want. There is no overall design plan, the style of the restaurant furniture here should be decided in combination with the decoration style of the house, or let the design company design the plan of the rendering.


Secondly, after deciding the style and type of restaurant furniture you need, you should also measure the size of the restaurant, the overall plan of the restaurant, and determine the size of the furniture in each restaurant through the overall plan of the restaurant to ensure that the size of the restaurant furniture is reasonable. The layout is appropriate, remember to have the overall analysis drawings, so that the furniture factory can realize the furniture according to the size, and also consider the transportation problems of the large pieces of furniture. For example, some friends' elevators, stairs or handling procedures are not suitable for operation. Take it into consideration.