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Living room furniture sofa placement skills

Aug 25, 2019

In fact, make full use of the position behind the sofa, you can make the living room decoration look different, dotted with a little green plants, small home soft. For example, put a narrow strip of table behind the sofa, put a pin vase, cute green radish and some small ornaments that you like, beautiful and generous, and more storage rack space.

Shelf. We are more common in the shelves are placed on the balcony or bathroom. In fact, you can move to the living room! And you only need a little bit of space, you can put a lot of space for things, and you can also store them underneath. In order not to move the sofa position too often, you can put things that are not very useful in life into it.

If it is just a two-bedroom space, there is no additional study room for the book, then a bookcase can be placed behind the sofa. On each sunny afternoon, lay on the sofa leisurely, holding a book in your hand. How wonderful life is!

In addition to the decoration of the TV background wall, the sofa wall can not be ignored. You can hang some decorative paintings, the position is higher than the sofa, and you can also make a three-dimensional bookcase. In minutes, it is a stunning display wall.