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How to match restaurant furniture

Aug 10, 2019

For the western restaurant with the main breakfast, some restaurants will provide a variety of porridge and fritters. In this way, for the choice of restaurant furniture, it is necessary to have a sturdy material. The fashion style, the furniture and the card position should be simple, and the color should be dominated by the suppressed color. 

For the western restaurant that pays attention to lunch as a selling point, it must be very Pay attention to the choice of color, don't be too oppressive, let people have the appetite texture, it is best to use the leather card position as the soft package chair, which is also in line with the style of people dining at noon! Fast food is similar to breakfast. The most important thing is to consider the size of the furniture. It is better to have a small size and regular furniture, so that it is beautiful and does not waste the area and space. Regular meals generally have no supply time limit, that is, full-time supply. The menu is generally the same throughout the year. This choice of restaurant furniture should not be too fancy, to have a deep sense of charm, Shu Xu degree can be moderate. 

Special meals are also called special style meals, furniture should also have characteristics, if there are a lot of feelings, for the lighting and matching of the dining table and chair area should pay attention to fashion and Shu Xu, Shu Xu degrees should also be very good, not too blunt. The specific combination also depends on the size of the space and the layout of the layout. The restaurant in the western restaurant will be a square table for 4 people or a round table or bench for 6 to 8 people. There are also 2 people. Seats generally have a seat back. For the chairs in the table and chair furniture of the western restaurant, the style can be purchased with the western restaurant sofa. Generally, the general high-grade soft bag restaurant chair is used, and the maintenance method is similar to the tea restaurant sofa!