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How to clean the sofa

Aug 30, 2019

Sponge cleaning method: In our daily use, you may accidentally leave small stains on the fabric sofa. At this time, we can use a sponge to clean the fabric sofa that is not a big stain. You can use a sponge to pick up some water with detergent and gently wipe it over the stain. Because the sponge has a strong water absorption function, and static electricity is generated when wiping, the sponge is a good tool for cleaning the fabric sofa.

Clever use of detergent: In the process of using the sofa, the sofa will be stained with different stains, which may be oil stains, inks, etc., so when we clean the fabric sofa, we must use different stains according to different stain properties. The effect of the cleaner, so we will do more with less when cleaning the fabric sofa.

Recognize the material of the fabric sofa: When we clean the fabric sofa that can be dismantled, it should be cleaned according to different materials. Because the Ranger fabric sofa may appear faded and shrunk. Therefore, when cleaning, it is necessary to recognize these problems. There is also the cloth sofa can not be scrubbed with a lot of water when cleaning. Because the fabric sofa is not waterproof, a large amount of water will cause mildew and dampness of the sofa after infiltrating into the interior of the fabric sofa, and even deformation may occur.

Clever use of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers: fabric sofa covers and some are flannel. When the fabric sofa of this material is cleaned, it can be cleaned first with a vacuum cleaner. Then brush it with a clean brush and a little diluted alcohol. To avoid moisture penetration. Then blow dry quickly with a hair dryer. If there is some juice substance, you can use a little water to score and mix thoroughly with water. Then wipe it with a cloth so that the stains can be removed very well.


Cloth sofa maintenance knowledge

1. When we use the fabric sofa, it is best to clean it once a week, and clean all parts of the sofa. You can use the towel to wash the armrests, cushions and backrest of the sofa with a little water. Clean the sofa once a year with detergent, but be sure to clean the detergent thoroughly at the time. When cleaning detergent, it is best to choose special detergent containing anti-fouling agent.

2, cloth sofa in the daily, at least once a week to vacuum, especially pay attention to remove dust between fabrics. It is said that the mat can be used for flipping. It should be flipped once a week, and the wear is evenly distributed. If you have stains, use a clean cloth to wipe off with water. It is best to wipe from the outside of the stain when wiping. Remember that velvet furniture is not water-proof and should be cleaned with a dry cleaner.