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How to choose the right living room sofa?

Aug 25, 2019

In the decoration of our house, the living room sofa can be described as an indispensable piece of furniture. Whether it is a single living room sofa or a multi-person living room sofa, the proper combination in the living room can add a lot of color to the home environment.

However, there are too many kinds of sofas in the living room on the market. The materials, crafts, styles and colors have their own characteristics, which makes many friends have no choice but to look at it when they choose. Today, Yadi Xiaobian brought you 3 points of matching skills in the color of the living room sofa, hoping to bring help to friends who are decorating the house.

First, the color and material mix

The main material of the room decoration also affects the selection of the color of the living room sofa. Simply put, the color of the living room sofa is selected according to the material. If the overall decoration of your living room is biased towards elegant, then light khaki or beige-colored fabric sofas are more suitable, which can match the style of the living room decoration, but also play a certain decoration. effect.

Although the fabric sofa is relatively rough, if it is combined with the elegant decoration style, it will bring a gentle and simple feeling to the living room.

Second, the color and the overall environment

In the wide space of the living room, in fact, the monotonous color may bring more obvious abrupt feeling, so when choosing the living room sofa, the overall environment of the living room should be taken into consideration, which will not affect the overall harmony of the living room.

For example, the white floor tiles in the living room, then you can consider putting a delicate white, apricot and other light-colored leather sofas, which can echo the space color and brighten the living room space.