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How should restaurant furniture of different materials be maintained?

Aug 05, 2019

The key to the maintenance of solid wood dining room furniture is maintenance and cleaning, avoiding sharp scraping, solid wood furniture should be maintained with special cleaning agent, and the surface can be wiped with a cleaning agent for stubborn stains. It can be evenly applied to the surface of the furniture with protective wax or special cleaning agent to keep it shiny and moisture-proof; in order to prevent the wooden furniture door from being deformed by moisture, it is best to close it by hand to prevent it from being deformed by moisture. Also pay attention to avoiding direct sunlight in the hot weather. To prevent damage to the furniture structure, please avoid overloading. Try not to use the cloth with water to wipe the wooden floor to prevent it from being deformed by moisture and reduce the service life.

The fabrics used in the fabric furniture are all imported fabrics that are dust-proof and anti-fouling. The texture is soft and comfortable. Every day, you can remove all kinds of stains by wiping with a clean wet towel. For stubborn stains, it can be sent to the store for cleaning, which can prevent deformation and prolong the service life of the fabric.

If the plate-type dining room furniture is not well sealed or damp, it will easily absorb water and cause the furniture board to swell and damage. Pay attention to waterproof when using, install waterproof pad under the furniture leg which is easy to absorb water, and keep the ventilation distance near the wall of the outer wall and bathroom.