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Best sofa brands

Dec 09, 2019

Your living room can have no chairs, no folding beds, no furniture, but no sofas. As the protagonist of the living room, sofas are the most important choice. First, the role of Yan in the living room on the sofa; second, the sofas are multifunctional and feel that the quality of the sofas must also be leveraged; third, we can not ignore the price of the sofas.

loveseat sofa

First, better sofa brands

1: There are not many integrated companies in Qumei sofa in China. After years of continuous efforts, Qumei sofa is leading the market. To provide consumers with environmentally friendly products is what the Qumei Group has been doing.

2: Famous brand of Hanfeier sofa furniture, creating unique brand sofas. After years of development, it has been loved by customers and won the honorable title of "Top Ten Brands of Korean Furniture".

3: Kafuya sofa is not only full of Italian color, but also has a French style. Ergonomic design.

4: Lihao sofa was founded in 1999, covering an area of 300,000 square meters, becoming one of the influential companies in China. With the "innovative, pragmatic and efficient" corporate spirit, "sit and enjoy success" with customers.

5: Zhihuashi sofa is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its main products are sofas, panel furniture, sponges, mattresses, furniture accessories, etc. It is a leading brand in the furniture sofa industry.

The Chivas functional sofa enjoys a high reputation in the industry. It uses high-tech telescopic function and high-quality sponge internal support to maximize the function of the sofa.

6: Gu family has been engaged in the research and development, production and sales of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, and was listed in 2016. It is a well-known domestic furniture brand. Gujia sofa attaches great importance to art and trend, and its style is elegant, noble and elegant, and it is the choice of many people who are successful in their careers and those who value life taste.